Water Europe (WE)

Water Europe (WE) was initiated by the European Commission (EC) in 2004 as the European Technology Platform (ETP) for water with the name WssTP. This ETP status was renewed by the EC in 2013 in line with its ETP2020 strategy. In 2007, WE was transformed into a member-based multistakeholder platform under Belgian law. Since then, the membership and activities of the organisation have continuously grown and evolved in line with its ambition to represent the whole value-chain of water and achieve a European Water-Smart Society.

Water Europe envisions a Water-Smart Society in which the true value of water is recognised and realised, and all available water sources are managed in such a way that water scarcity and pollution of water are avoided. Water and resource loops are largely closed to foster a circular economy and optimal resource efficiency, while the water system is resilient against the impact of climate change events.

WE has developed 4 innovation areas that are quintessential for the transition to a Water-Smart Society: The Multiple Waters, the Digital Water, the Value in Water, and an underpinning Hybrid Grey-Green Infrastructure, which are further explained in WE's Water Vision.

Achieving the Water-Smart Society requires leadership, strategic action, and persistence. WE will drive the transition to a Water-Smart Society with the support of nine Vision Leadership Teams each representing a key dimension of Water Europe’s Water Vision.

Water Europe strives to generate impactful results for its members, and it does so with commitment towards building a Water-Smart Society. WE's values and vision for the future are clear. All the actions are guided by this one main compass, the Water Vision 2030.

WE's vision means societal responsibility. It means forward-looking innovation. It means evidence-based and financially sustainable solutions. This is the way WE delivers results, together with members, covering the whole water value chain. This is how WE has made it possible to deliver the right results, the right way.