Tommy Daalgard

University of Aarhus

Dr Tommy Dalgaard has for more than 7 years served as head of the Agricultural Systems and Sustainability research unit at the Department of Agroecology of Aarhus University, supervising research projects and career development of 20-30 researchers, postdoctoral researchers, PhDstudents and other staff members. He has extensive international research management experience as activity and WP leader in the EU-FP6 Integrated Project NitroEurope (2007-2011), the Strategic Research Project on ‘Impact assessment of multifunctional agriculture’ (MEA-scope, 2004-2007), and initialisation of the Integrated Project on ‘Sustainability Impact Assessment of Multifunctional Land Use in European Regions’ (SENSOR, 2005-2008). Dr Dalgaard has been invited speaker in the context of OECD, IPCC/USDA, The Danish Government’s Committee for Nature & Environment, EUROSTAT, and EU research projects, networks and centres of excellence. He has served as appointed expert for the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), and the Danish 2001, 2004 and 2008 research syntheses regarding organic farming and: 1) groundwater protection, 2) bioenergy, 3) development and growth, respectively. He was approved short-term expert in the implementation of EU agricultural policies for the Czech Ministry of Agriculture (2004-2005). Dr Dalgaard has served as invited peer reviewer for more than 15 different international journals, has coordinated reviews for international seminar proceedings, and served as a reviewer for the UN Millennium Ecosystem Assessment.