Owen Fenton

Teagasc, Ireland

Dr Owen Fenton is a Principal Research Officer with Teagasc, the Agriculture and Food Development Authority in Ireland, with over 15 years’ experience in research in the agricultural sector. He is Visiting Professor for Environmental Science at University of Sheffield and Adjunct Professor for Environmental Engineering at NUI-Galway. Dr Fenton is a beneficiary in multiple EU HORIZON projects that examine ways to characterise, examine and mitigate pollutant sources, losses and impact within agricultural landscapes (e.g. REFLOW, Inspiration, WaterProtect, AgriChemWhey). He has an international collaboration network, which includes on-going student exchanges between Teagasc and the Chinese Agriculture University in Beijing. Dr Fenton’s areas of expertise include soil hydrology, hydrogeology and characterisation of pollutant losses, transformation, time lags and fate within agricultural landscapes. More recently, his research has focused on rewetting of peat soils, holistic (water, air, soil) assessments of new organic amendments used in agriculture as soil amendments or fertilizers. Other work has focused on fertilizer equivalency value of organic fertilizers and secondary products, emerging contaminants, the bioeconomy and development of physical and biological soil quality indicators.