Laura Pereira

Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University

Dr Laura Pereira is currently a researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Centre of the Stockholm University Centre for Food Policy. Previously she worked at City, University of London on the SHEFS project where she led the governance for food system transformation in South Africa component. She is also currently a senior researcher working on the Programme on Climate Smart Livestock in East Africa (PCSL) and is the co-PI of the CCAFS scenarios project together with Dr Joost Vervoort.  Having completed her DPhil in Geography at Oxford University in 2012, she undertook post-docs in sustainability science at Harvard’s Kennedy School and under the Bioeconomy chair at the University of Cape Town before moving to Stellenbosch University to research development investments in the Anthropocene at the Centre for Complex Systems in Transition. She is interested in the interface between traditional knowledge and innovation, the role of futures techniques in transformative change and developing innovative methods for knowledge co-production in developing country contexts. Her work uses the food system to unpack broader challenges and solutions to the complexity of governance for sustainability.

As well as her focus on food systems research, she was a Co-ordinating Lead Author for UN Environment’s GEO-6 and a Lead Author for the IPBES Regional Assessment for Africa and is contributing to the Africa chapter of the IPCC’s 6th assessment report. She also sits on the IPBES Task Force on scenarios and models. Laura also has an extraordinary appointment at the Centre for Complex Systems in Transition at Stellenbosch University.