Science-Policy Interface

Societal challenges are becoming increasingly complex and interlinked as do the policies needed to deal with them, meaning that scientists and policy-makers will need to increasingly work together to find solutions. Science is important for the policy-making process because it provides a systematic, evidence-based approach to decision-making.

FACCE-JPI plays a key role in contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement, the EU Farm to Fork Strategy and the Common Agricultural Policy. Through its 162 funded projects, FACCE-JPI has mobilised over 260 million euros since its inception in 2010. Its research spans key areas across agriculture production, food and nutrition security, ecosystem services and climate change.

FACCE-JPI encourages more and better science-policy interactions and is currently involved in a number of science-policy initiatives. These pages give an overview of science-policy events and publications by FACCE-JPI as well as resources for scientists who would like to be further involved in the interface.