Strategic Research Agenda

The Strategic Research Agenda of the Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE-JPI) was released on December 5th 2012 and revised in November 2015.

It sets out the strategic priorities for trans-disciplinary and innovative European research on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change. It provides a framework for the alignment of existing programmes and joint research efforts to achieve the twin objectives of food security and combating climate change. The FACCE-JPI Strategic Research Agenda is the result of a dialogue between high-level international scientists and stakeholders. 

The Strategic Research Agenda sets out 5 core research themes reflecting the key challenges to be tackled by FACCE-JPI. The Strategic Agenda defines short, medium, and long term research priorities and sets out joint actions for each of these core themes. It aims to reinforce infrastructures and platforms, training and capacity building in Europe and knowledge exchange. It also foresees evaluation and monitoring of its activities.

In order to demonstrate FACCE-JPI impact and increase its visibility, it is necessary to exploit and disseminate the results coming from different FACCE-JPI funded activities, as well as to propose the best ways to optimise their value and communicate them by using the most adapted tools for different target audiences. The FACCE-JPI Communication and Valorisation Strategy “Science for Policy and Impact” aims to provide a strategic framework for all joint actions and activities funded by FACCE-JPI, from its start to 2020 and beyond.

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FACCE’s Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) has already influenced the research agendas of members: in 2016 64% of members considered that the SRA had influenced the focus of their national research strategies and programmes.