More than half of the world’s population live in cities, expecting to be double by 2050. Urbanization is one of the world’s most transformative trends. The United Nations has designated every 31st of October as World Cities Day. The general theme of World Cities Day is “Better City, Better Life”, while each year a different sub-theme is selected. This year, the United Nations has selected the theme “Changing the world: innovations and better life for future generations” to discuss how urbanization can be used to achieve sustainable development. It aims to promote the international community’s interest in implementing the New Urban Agenda (published 2017) globally and in enhancing cooperation among countries in meeting opportunities and addressing challenges of urbanization in cities.

One of the focusses, namely no. 123, described in the New Urban Agenda is to promote the integration of food security in order to end hunger and malnutrition and connects with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Zero Hunger (SDG2) and Responsible Production and Consumption (SDG12). The Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security & Climate Change (FACCE-JPI) activities and joint actions contribute to finding solutions to these SDGs with actions and tools for effective integration, alignment and joint implementation of national resources.

FACCE-JPI in partnership with JPI Urban Europe is organising an exploratory workshop for researchers, policymakers and stakeholders with interests and expertise in urban agriculture and adaptation to climate change. The workshop aims to understand the current landscape of urban agriculture, its impact, policy context, and potential for adaptation to climate change, in order to identify key questions and priority areas to which FACCE-JPI / JPI Urban Europe can contribute. The workshop is envisioned to take place early 2020in Wageningen, the Netherlands.

Other FACCE-JPI activities and joint actions connected to the SDGs Zero Hunger (SDG2) and Responsible Production and Consumption (SDG12) are focusing on nutrition security through a systems thinking approachimproving policy interventions to ensure food and nutrition security, soil management practicessustainable intensificationprecision agricultureimproved crop quality and yieldsscenario studies, as well as by combating water shortages and pollution

You can find more information about FACCE-JPI and its instruments here.