One of the alignment instruments FACCE-JPI has been experimenting with for the past three years, is a Knowledge Network focusing on sustainable intensification. This network consisted of members from Denmark, France, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, with the latter two countries providing lead. On June 4th, the final KNSI meeting took place in Wageningen, The Netherlands. The projects SUSTAg (an ERA-NET SURPLUS project) and LegumeGap (an ERA-NET SusCrop project) were presented, followed by results from a study on ‘identifying the current state-of-the-art of Sustainable Intensification of front-runner arable and dairy farms in the Netherlands’. This research was conducted in the frame of the KNSI network. The results of the United Kingdom’s national network on Sustainable Intensification (SIRN), were presented as well. The afternoon session was reserved for discussion on how the KNSI network functioned as instrument, what could be improved and what advice to bring back to the FACCE JPI Governing Board meeting. At present, draft conclusions including advice are prepared by the network members. The KNSI network FACCE-JPI Secretariat members from UK and NL, and Defra staff (UK), supported this action.