At the beginning of 2019, a proposal has been submitted to the European Commission for a European Joint Programme Cofund on Agricultural Soil Manangement (EJP SOIL) in which 26 partners will join forces in the area of agricultural soil research. Currently, preparations for this cooperation are taking place. EJP SOIL will contribute to building a sustainable European integrated research community on agricultural soils and will develop and deploy a roadmap on climate-smart sustainable agricultural soil management. In the programme, which mobilises up to EUR 80 million funding, researchers will improve the state of knowledge on climate-smart sustainable management options for European agricultural soils, explore state-of-the art technologies for mapping soil properties, harmonize soil information, co-develop with stakeholders adequate tools for a broad use by national and regional agencies, farmers and companies and provide evidence-based recommendations for EU policies. While the focus of the new EJP will be on climate adaptation and mitigation, the activities should also lead to less soil erosion and the restoration of soil fertility.