FACCE-JPI/ BiodivERsA Workshop : Preparing a Joint Vision and Collaborative Activities (25-26 April 2018, Brussels)

The Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE-JPI) and the ERA-NET COFUND on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (BiodivERsA) organised a joint Workshop in Brussels on 25-26 April 2018 to discuss possible new collaborative activities between the two initiatives as of 2019 and beyond.

There are many overlapping research interests between the two initiatives, as agriculture and food security strongly depend on biodiversity and the ecosystem services it provides. At the same time, agricultural practices have a key role in determining the fate of biodiversity, with both positive and negative effects. In the face of climate change, pressures on biodiversity and agro-ecosystem services are expected to increase, whereas biodiversity may offer nature-based solutions to allow the agricultural sector to tackle climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The Workshop provided an opportunity for European research funding organisations, scientific experts, policymakers and other stakeholders to discuss different topics and modalities for future collaboration, including in the areas of agro-ecology and land use allocation (land-sparring and land-sharing). Participants proposed a number of possible joint research activities going forward, including participation in each other’s 2019 ERA-NETs, the establishment of a joint Knowledge Hub (experts’ network), the launch of a new joint call for research proposal and the conduct of joint outreach activities towards EU institutions and policymakers.

The Governing Bodies of both initiatives agreed to develop a joint vision for longer-term collaboration between FACCE-JPI and BiodivERsA, as well as an Action Plan to implement the above proposals.


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Redaction : Caroline Lesser and Silvia Baralla, FACCE-JPI Secretariat
Creation date : 11 September 2018
Updated : 12 November 2018