2nd workshop on Food and Nutrition Security - 1st July 2016 in Brussels

In the Implementation Plan 2016-2018 a series of workshops is included on Food and Nutrition Security, organised in collaboration between JPI FACCE and JPI HDHL, as well as JPI Oceans. To this end, a second workshop has been announced which will take place on the 1st of July in Brussels.

The aim of these workshops is to explore the role of the three JPIs and possible collaboration between them on this topic. On the 11th of April 2016 a first workshop was organised in Utrecht, the Netherlands.  

A second workshop has been announced which will  take place on the 1st of July in Brussels (hosted by JPI OCEANS) from 10.00 to 16.00. This workshop is a dedicated workshop with 15 to 20 experts to elaborate on the working document. After this workshop the working paper will be improved and sent to the Governing Board for approval, prior to discussing it further with the European Commission. 

Creation date : 27 June 2016
Updated : 28 June 2016