The aim of the clusters is to provide an integrative approach to identifying research priorities and correspond to the three target scales at which FACCE-JPI outputs can be delivered, i.e. farming systems, landscape and value chains.


Clusters new.JPG


These Trans-thematic clusters are:

  1. Land and water management (including soil systems) for climate adaptation and mitigation. This cluster links Core Themes 4 and 5, with relevance to Core Theme 3. It pays special attention to soil and water quality, multidisciplinary approaches and efficient management, taking into account the different biogeographical scenarios in Europe.
  2. Climate change challenges to farming systems (efficiency and ecosystem services). This cluster draws on Core Themes 2 and 3, and includes:

    a) the multiple functions required of land under climate change and

    b) increasing the efficiency of agricultural supply chains under climate change. This cluster is production-oriented.
  3. Increasing resilience of food value chains under climate change. Core Theme 1 is the core of what FACCE-JPI is trying to achieve, with resilience embedded in each of the core themes. This cluster therefore interfaces with all Core Themes and is presented as consumer/demand-oriented.

It is intended that this integrative approach will facilitate broad policy support and enable more integrated research approaches to tackle the interrelated challenges of FACCE-JPI.