Outcomes of the Grand Debate “Nutrition Security – A whole system approach” published in joint FACCE and HDHL paper

FACCE JPI and JPI HDHL have prepared a joint paper "Priority Joint Actions to contribute to the European Strategy on Food and Nutrition Security. Outcomes of the Grand Debate “Nutrition Security – A whole system approach”.

The two JPIs “Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change” (FACCE-JPI) and “A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life” (JPI HDHL) organised a day-long event in the pavilion of the EC at EXPO 2015 Milan on “Nutrition Security – a whole system approach”.

This grand debate focused on the impact of climate change on providing a sustainable food supply that has the nutritional requirements to ensure a healthy population. It brought together 10 international experts in the area of food and nutrition security.

The objective of the event, and the paper following, is to serve as the FACCE-JPI – HDHL contribution toward a European strategy on food and nutrition security and to identify priority joint actions that FACCE-JPI and JPI HDHL can develop collaboratively. The content of this paper will feed into the future strategic plans and activities of the JPIs, and was submitted to the EC public consultation on “The role of research in global food and nutrition security”.
You can download the paper here.



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Creation date : 03 September 2015
Updated : 04 September 2015