Sustainable Crop Production (SusCrop)

SusCrop is a Sustainable Crop Production ERA-NET CoFund proposed to the European Commission in 2016.

The scope of the ERA-Net Cofund is to pool resources and know-how to develop and test solutions for sustainable crop production, including areas such as breeding, nutrient recycling and soil-plant-atmosphere interactions, plant health and protection, management practices and the added value of agricultural products.

Expected impact of the ERA-Net cofund is to contribute to developing cropping systems with improved performance in terms of reduced environmental impacts, resource-use efficiency and product quality. This will help the farming sector adapt to changes expected to result e.g. from emerging resource scarcity, environmental variation, demography, consumer preferences, and global trade.

SusCrop will contribute to implementing FACCE-JPI's Strategic Research Agenda.

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Creation date : 28 June 2016
Updated : 19 November 2018