28 projects invited to submit full proposals within the framework of FACCE SURPLUS

28 out of 67 research consortia have received an invitation to participate in the second application step within the framework of FACCE SURPLUS.

In January 2015, 15 countries joined forces and launched - in collaboration with the European Commission - a call for joint European research projects in the field of Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture.

When the submission tool closed in March, a total of 67 project pre-proposals involving 404 partners had been submitted.

On June 11 the members of the Steering Committee were gathered in Berlin to select the final pre-proposals to be invited to submit full proposals. Based on the ranking list made by scientific evaluators, the committee decided to invite 28 pre-proposals to submit full proposals.

The submission tool will open July 13, 2015 and the deadline to submit full proposals is 14 September, 2015

The evaluation of the full proposals and the funding recommendation will be communicated in December 2015.

The earliest possible start date for projects recommended for funding is January 1, 2016.

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Creation date : 01 July 2015
Updated : 01 July 2015