FACCE ERA-GAS call: Full proposal stage started 18 October

The Steering Committee of FACCE ERA-GAS has selected the pre-proposals to be invited to submit full proposals for the FACCE ERA-GAS joint call. On 18 October 2016 the research consortia received an invitation to participate in the second application step. The joint call for transnational research projects on monitoring & mitigation of greenhouse gases from agriculture and forestry has an indicative total budget of 14 M €.

Since the submission platform closed in May, all pre-proposals have been checked for eligibility, based on criteria defined in the call announcement, including national and organisational requirements and rules. Subsequently, the eligible proposals were evaluated by an evaluation panel of international experts and external reviewers, and ranked based on relevance to the scope of the call, transnational added value and the proposal’s degree of innovation and multi/trans-disciplinarity. The Steering Committee selected the final pre-proposals to be invited to submit full proposals, based on the ranking made by the evaluation panel. ERA-GAS communicated the outcome of the eligibility check and the evaluation of the pre-proposals to the research project coordinators on 18 October 2016.

The submission platform opened on 19 October 2016 and the deadline to submit full proposals is 19 December 2016, 14.00 CEST. In this second step of the call process an international peer review panel, the International Evaluation Committee (IEC), will evaluate the full proposals based on excellence, impact and quality and efficiency of the implementation and management. Each proposal will be reviewed by at least three independent experts. The ranking of full proposals will be conducted according to the evaluation results, and the selection of full proposals has to strictly follow the ranking list of evaluators.


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Creation date : 20 October 2016
Updated : 03 November 2016