Joint call with BiodivERsA

The BiodivERsA ERA-Net and the FACCE-JPI launched a joint call for research proposals on “Promoting synergies and reducing trade-offs between food supply, biodiversity and ecosystem services” in November 2013, with a closing date in mid-February 2014.

The BiodivERsA ERA-Net and the FACCE-JPI have joined efforts to organise and fund a pan-European call for research projects on “Promoting synergies and reducing trade-offs between food supply, biodiversity and ecosystem services”.

Scientific teams were invited to form transnational research consortia with partners from minimum 3 countries participating to the call, namely Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

The call addressed the following themes:

  • T1: To what extent can biodiversity better support agro-ecosystems / agricultural production systems in terms of multi-functionality and outcomes in a global change context?

  • T2: Which policies and governance systems can promote the emergence and support of agro-ecosystems / agricultural production systems benefiting from and beneficial to biodiversity and ecosystem services?

A brochure describing all the projects is available here.

Results of the call:

Based on the ranking list established by an independent evaluation panel, the Call Steering Committee - composed of BiodivERsA and FACCE partners participating to the call - has shortlisted the top 10 research projects.

Funding: €10.2M among 10 countries


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BiodivERsA is a network composed of national organisations funding and managing research programmes on biodiversity across Europe. The objectives of this ERA-Net are to promote the cooperation between funding agencies in the field of biodiversity research and to coordinate research programmes at strategic and management levels to eventually develop and implement joint activities. This includes mapping the landscape of biodiversity research in Europe, promoting the science-society/policy interface in research projects, and launching joint calls.

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