Funded projects

Designed around the major challenge of “Promoting synergies and reducing trade-offs between food supply, biodiversity and ecosystem services”, the 2013-2014 BiodivERsA/FACCE-JPI call addressed the two following themes:

  1. To what extent can biodiversity better support agro-ecosystems / agricultural production systems in terms of multi-functionality and outcomes in a global change context?
  2. Which policies and governance systems can promote the emergence and support of agro-ecosystems / agricultural production systems benefiting from and beneficial to biodiversity and ecosystem services?

With 52 full proposals submitted, 372 participating teams and 1293 individual participants, the 2013-2014 BiodivERsA/FACCE-JPI joint call was a real success.


Funded projects are:

BASIL: Landscape-scale biodiversity and the balancing of provisioning, regulating and supporting ecosystem services

BEEHOPE - Honeybee conservation centers in Western Europe: an innovative strategy using sustainable beekeeping to reduce honeybee decline

CP³ - Civil-public-private-partnerships (cp³): collaborative governance approaches for policy innovation to enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services delivery in agricultural landscapes

ECO-SERVE: Sustainable provisioning of multiple ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes

ECODEAL - Enhancing biodiversity-based ecosystem services to crops through optimized densities of green infrastructure in agricultural landscapes

EcoFruit - Managing ecosystem services for fruit production in different European climates

PromESSinG: Management concept for Central European vineyard ecosystems: Promoting ecosystem services in grapes

STACCATO - SusTaining AgriCultural ChAnge Through ecological engineering and Optimal use of natural resources

TALE - Towards multifunctional agricultural landscapes in Europe: Assessing and governing synergies between food production, biodiversity, and ecosystem services

VineDivers - Biodiversity-based ecosystem services in vineyards: analyzing interlinkages between plants, pollinators, soil biota and soil erosion across Europe


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