SusCrop Video Contest Deadline extended!

Published on
January 10, 2023

Be the director, leading actor/actress, cameraman & producer of your own movie and win one of our cash prizes!

4 x 1.000 € for the 1st prizes for category

The ERA- Net SusCrop is launching a video contest to actively involve EVERYBODY from across the world to reflect, communicate and inspire on ‘what sustainable crop production means to you?’.The competition is open to EVERYBODY and is supposed to activate multiple groups: school children, students, scientists, farmers/farmer-groups, and any person/group of random enthusiasts, artists (film, circus, music, digital/installation art, …), architects, social media/communication workers, etc.

Deadline: May 26 2023
Cash prizes: 4 x 1000 € prizes, 4 x 300 € prizes, 4 x 200 € prizes
Topic: What does sustainable crop production mean to you? How should agriculture look like in the future? Do you practice sustainability procedures in growing crops or ornamental plants in your environment (e.g. your garden or balcony)?
Open to: EVERYONE from around the world

More information on how to participate is available on the SusCrop webpage.