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The Council of the European Union launched the Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE-JPI) in 2010 to stimulate collaboration between member states, and to provide coherence in research programming.

FACCE-JPI brings together 24 countries comprised of EU Member States, associated countries and one Third Country (New Zealand) who are committed to building an integrated European Research Area addressing the interconnected challenges of sustainable agriculture, food security and impacts of climate change. 

By providing and steering research FACCE-JPI supports sustainable agricultural production and economic growth, to contribute to a European bio-based economy, while maintaining and restoring ecosystem services under current and future climate change. 

The aim is to do so with a strong transdisciplinary research base, encompassing economic and social aspects in addition to scientific ones, and with a creative approach towards the alignment of national programmes and the input of multiple actors and stakeholders.


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